Mousehole, Cornwall - appeal that transcends the seasons

As one of Britainís most beautiful coastal villages, Mousehole (correct pronunciation is 'Mowzel') epitomises picturesque Cornish fishing harbours - a working fishing fleet, dramatic scenery, and delicious seafood straight off the boat...

Another short drive south of Kenegie Manor, the appeal of Mousehole transcends the seasons: in summer, laze on its safe beach, wander its quaint lanes and courtyards, or dine in cosy harbourside hostelries. Come winter, marvel at the seaís awesome power and delight at the famous 'Mousehole lights'. Based on old Mousehole legends, the Christmas lights will thrill the whole family - before you enjoy a warming drink and enormous crab sandwich beside The Ship Innís roaring fires.

Mousehole highlights

  • Cornish character around every corner...
  • A huge nearby cave (the 'Mouse Hole') which, some say, gives the village its name
  • The Mousehole Wild Bird Sanctuary
  • A rich tradition of fishing, pirates, press gangs and the like...
  • A small, safe, child-friendly beach located in a sheltered part of the harbour
  • Biennial 'Sea Salts & Sail' maritime festival
  • Mousehole Christmas lights (from mid December to early January)

Mousehole maritime festival

If youíre planning a trip to Cornwall, try to take-in the biennial 'Sea Salts & Sail' festival (next in 2010), which is open to traditional boats such as West Cornwall Luggers, Gaffers, Crabbers, and Cornish pilot gigs - itís a beautiful sight. This Mousehole festival also includes demonstrations by local seafood chefs, as well as crab pot making, wood-carving, knot tying, net mending, and numerous craft stalls.

Accommodation in Mousehole, Cornwall

Especially in high season, accommodation in the heart of the village may be limited - donít worry; thereís plenty of great accommodation nearby with our 4 cottages at Kenegie Manor.

Summer or winter; at festival time or on a quiet out-of-season Monday, donít miss Mousehole!



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